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.. _Arkestra:
.. _Don\'t be afraid to commit:
+`Erik Romijn`_
+ Erik started using Django in the days of 1.2. His largest contribution to Django was
+ ``GenericIPAddressField``, and he has worked on all sorts of patches since.
+ While developing with Django, he always keeps a little list of even the slightest
+ Django frustrations, to tackle them at a later time and prevent other developers
+ from having to deal with the same issues.
+ Erik is an independent app maker, mostly developing web and mobile apps, as
+ `Solid Links`_. He also enjoys helping ordinary developers to build safer web apps,
+ for which Django is already a great start, and developed `Erik's Pony Checkup`_ with
+ that goal in mind. Erik lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
+ .. _Erik Romijn:
+ .. _Solid Links:
+ .. _Erik's Pony Checkup:
Developers Emeritus

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