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Fixed #17768 -- Add a comment about an expected failure in generic_vi…

…ews tests

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1 parent aa900c3 commit dd13596944c3aa312c828ac03a1f1acd8fb60dc2 @claudep claudep committed
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  1. +4 −0 tests/regressiontests/generic_views/
4 tests/regressiontests/generic_views/
@@ -126,6 +126,10 @@ def test_update_put(self):
res = self.client.put('/edit/author/%d/update/' %,
{'name': 'Randall Munroe (author of xkcd)', 'slug': 'randall-munroe'})
+ # Here is the expected failure. PUT data are not processed in any special
+ # way by django. So the request will equal to a POST without data, hence
+ # the form will be invalid and redisplayed with errors (status code 200).
+ # See also #12635
self.assertEqual(res.status_code, 302)
self.assertRedirects(res, 'http://testserver/list/authors/')
self.assertQuerysetEqual(Author.objects.all(), ['<Author: Randall Munroe (author of xkcd)>'])

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