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Thanks slinkp for the suggestion.
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@@ -1229,6 +1229,10 @@ This flush/load procedure is repeated for each test in the test case, so you
can be certain that the outcome of a test will not be affected by another test,
or by the order of test execution.
+By default, fixtures are only loaded into the ``default`` database. If you are
+using multiple databases and set :attr:`multi_db=True
+<TransactionTestCase.multi_db>`, fixtures will be loaded into all databases.
URLconf configuration
@@ -1294,6 +1298,11 @@ For example::
This test case will flush *all* the test databases before running
+The ``multi_db`` flag also affects into which databases the
+attr:`TransactionTestCase.fixtures` are loaded. By default (when
+``multi_db=False``), fixtures are only loaded into the ``default`` database.
+If ``multi_db=True``, fixtures are loaded into all databases.
.. _overriding-settings:
Overriding settings

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