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26 docs/misc/design-philosophies.txt
@@ -307,3 +307,29 @@ Differentiate between GET and POST
GET and POST are distinct; developers should explicitly use one or the other.
The framework should make it easy to distinguish between GET and POST data.
+.. _cache-design-philosophy:
+Cache Framework
+The core goals of Django's :doc:`cache framework </topics/cache>` are:
+Less code
+A cache should be as fast as possible. Hence, all framework code surrounding
+the cache backend should be kept to the absolute minimum, especially for
+``get()`` operations.
+The cache API should provide a consistent interface across the different
+cache backends.
+The cache API should be extensible at the application level based on the
+developer's needs (for example, see :ref:`cache_key_transformation`).
4 docs/topics/cache.txt
@@ -39,6 +39,10 @@ Django also works well with "upstream" caches, such as `Squid
caches that you don't directly control but to which you can provide hints (via
HTTP headers) about which parts of your site should be cached, and how.
+.. seealso::
+ The :ref:`Cache Framework design philosophy <cache-design-philosophy>`
+ explains a few of the design decisions of the framework.
.. _setting-up-the-cache:
Setting up the cache

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