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Updated information about unit tests, contrib apps in particular.

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@@ -702,13 +702,8 @@ Django tarball. It's our policy to make sure all tests pass at all times.
The tests cover:
* Models and the database API (``tests/modeltests/``).
- * The cache system (``tests/regressiontests/``).
- * The ``django.utils.dateformat`` module (``tests/regressiontests/dateformat/``).
- * Database typecasts (``tests/regressiontests/db_typecasts/``).
- * The template system (``tests/regressiontests/templates/`` and
- ``tests/regressiontests/defaultfilters/``).
- * ``QueryDict`` objects (``tests/regressiontests/httpwrappers/``).
- * Markup template tags (``tests/regressiontests/markup/``).
+ * Everything else in core Django code (``tests/regressiontests``)
+ * Contrib apps (``django/contrib/<contribapp>/tests``, see below)
We appreciate any and all contributions to the test suite!
@@ -755,6 +750,21 @@ for generic relations and internationalization, type::
./ --settings=settings generic_relations i18n
+Contrib apps
+Tests for apps in ``django/contrib/`` go in their respective directories,
+in a ```` file. (You can split the tests over multiple modules
+by using a ``tests`` folder in the normal Python way).
+For the tests to be found, a ```` file must exist (it doesn't
+have to have anything in it).
+To run tests for just one contrib app (e.g. ``markup``), use the same
+method as above::
+ ./ --settings=settings markup
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