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[1.6.x] Fixed #21594 -- Added note about model formsets deleting obje…


This behavior has been fixed in 65e03a4. refs #10284.
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1 parent 7a2910d commit de1d5d5df5238136e8cd114e36065857bee1ace4 @benspaulding benspaulding committed with charettes Dec 11, 2013
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6 docs/topics/forms/modelforms.txt
@@ -836,6 +836,12 @@ to the database. If your formset contains a ``ManyToManyField``, you'll also
need to call ``formset.save_m2m()`` to ensure the many-to-many relationships
are saved properly.
+.. note::
+ While calling ```` does not save new or changed
+ objects to the database, it *does* delete objects that have been marked for
+ deletion. This behavior will be corrected in Django 1.7.
.. _model-formsets-max-num:
Limiting the number of editable objects

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