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@@ -80,14 +80,20 @@ site admins, as defined in the `ADMINS setting`_. Here's the definition::
``mail_admins()`` prefixes the subject with the value of the
`EMAIL_SUBJECT_PREFIX setting`_, which is ``"[Django] "`` by default.
+The "From:" header of the e-mail will be the value of the `SERVER_EMAIL setting`_.
.. _ADMINS setting:
+.. _SERVER_EMAIL setting:
The mail_managers function
``django.core.mail.mail_managers`` is just like ``mail_admins``, except it
sends an e-mail to the site managers, as defined in the `MANAGERS setting`_.
+Here's the definition::
+ mail_managers(subject, message, fail_silently=False)
.. _MANAGERS setting:

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