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Updated my bio in the FAQ.

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@@ -98,11 +98,10 @@ Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
On IRC, Simon goes by ``SimonW``.
`Wilson Miner`_
- Wilson's design-fu makes us all look like rock stars. When not sneaking
- into apartment complex swimming pools, he's the Commercial Development
- Director for World Online, which means he makes the money that pays all our
- paychecks. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas.
+ Wilson's design-fu makes us all look like rock stars. By day, he's an
+ interactive designer for `Apple`. Don't ask him what he's working on, or
+ he'll have to kill you. He lives in San Francisco.
On IRC, Wilson goes by ``wilsonian``.
.. _`World Online`:
@@ -113,6 +112,7 @@ Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
.. _``:
.. _`Jacob Kaplan-Moss`:
.. _`Wilson Miner`:
+.. _`Apple`:
Which sites use Django?

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