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Clarify in the documentation that we occasionally add APIs for newer …

…Python versions. Thanks to Russell, Jannis, and Carl for help with the language.

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@@ -45,7 +45,13 @@ Do I lose anything by using Python 2.4 versus newer Python versions, such as Pyt
Not in the core framework. Currently, Django itself officially supports any
version of Python from 2.4 through 2.7, inclusive. However, newer versions of
-Python are often faster, have more features, and are better supported.
+Python are often faster, have more features, and are better supported. If you
+use a newer version of Python you will also have access to some APIs that
+aren't available under older versions of Python. For example Django provides
+some `context managers`_ for various operations. If you use Python 2.4 you
+won't be able to use them, however other APIs which provide the same
+functionality are always made available.
Third-party applications for use with Django are, of course, free to set their
own version requirements.
@@ -59,6 +65,8 @@ improvements and optimizations to the Python language since version 2.4, and
will help ease the process of dropping support for older Python versions on
the road to Python 3.
+.. _context managers:
Can I use Django with Python 2.3?

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