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Fixed #13037 -- Added documentation for the css_classes() helper clas…

…s. Thanks to marcusf for the report.

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19 docs/ref/forms/api.txt
@@ -645,6 +645,25 @@ when printed::
>>> str(f['subject'].errors)
+.. versionadded:: 1.2
+When you use Django's rendering shortcuts, CSS classes are used to
+indicate required form fields or fields that contain errors. If you're
+manually rendering a form, you can access these CSS classes using the
+``css_classes`` method::
+ >>> f = ContactForm(data)
+ >>> f['message'].css_classes()
+ 'required'
+If you want to provide some additional classes in addition to the
+error and required classes that may be required, you can provide
+those classes as an argument::
+ >>> f = ContactForm(data)
+ >>> f['message'].css_classes('foo bar')
+ 'foo bar required'
.. _binding-uploaded-files:
Binding uploaded files to a form

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