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[1.6.x] Fixed #22220 -- Added more examples to reverse() documention.

Thanks EvilDMP for the suggestions.

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bendavis78 authored and timgraham committed Apr 14, 2014
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@@ -12,17 +12,38 @@ your code, Django provides the following function:
.. function:: reverse(viewname, [urlconf=None, args=None, kwargs=None, current_app=None])
-``viewname`` is either the function name (either a function reference, or the
-string version of the name, if you used that form in ``urlpatterns``) or the
-:ref:`URL pattern name <naming-url-patterns>`. Normally, you won't need to
-worry about the ``urlconf`` parameter and will only pass in the positional and
-keyword arguments to use in the URL matching. For example::
+``viewname`` can be a string containing the Python path to the view object, a
+:ref:`URL pattern name <naming-url-patterns>`, or the callable view object.
+For example, given the following ``url``::
+ url(r'^archive/$', 'news.views.archive', name='news_archive')
+you can use any of the following to reverse the URL::
+ # using the Python path
+ reverse('news.views.archive')
+ # using the named URL
+ reverse('news_archive')
+ # passing a callable object
+ from news import views
+ reverse(views.archive)
+If the URL accepts arguments, you may pass them in ``args``. For example::
from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse
def myview(request):
return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse('arch-summary', args=[1945]))
+You can also pass ``kwargs`` instead of ``args``. For example::
+ >>> reverse('admin:app_list', kwargs={'app_label': 'auth'})
+ '/admin/auth/'
+``args`` and ``kwargs`` cannot be passed to ``reverse()`` at the same time.
If no match can be made, ``reverse()`` raises a
:class:`~django.core.urlresolvers.NoReverseMatch` exception.
@@ -39,12 +60,9 @@ This ``current_app`` argument is used as a hint to resolve application
namespaces into URLs on specific application instances, according to the
:ref:`namespaced URL resolution strategy <topics-http-reversing-url-namespaces>`.
-You can use ``kwargs`` instead of ``args``. For example::
+The ``urlconf`` argument is the URLconf module containing the url patterns to
+use for reversing. By default, the root URLconf for the current thread is used.
- >>> reverse('admin:app_list', kwargs={'app_label': 'auth'})
- '/admin/auth/'
-``args`` and ``kwargs`` cannot be passed to ``reverse()`` at the same time.
.. admonition:: Make sure your views are all correct.

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