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Improved release notes about session cookie httponly flag (#16847) pe…

…r Luke's comments.

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@@ -498,9 +498,6 @@ Django 1.4 also includes several smaller improvements worth noting:
* Added the :djadminopt:`--no-location` option to the :djadmin:`makemessages`
-* Changed the default value for ``httponly`` on session cookies to
- ``True`` to help reduce the impact of potential XSS attacks.
* Changed the ``locmem`` cache backend to use
``pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL`` for better compatibility with the other
cache backends.
@@ -948,3 +945,11 @@ Now, the flags are keyword arguments of :meth:`@register.filter
return value
See :ref:`filters and auto-escaping <filters-auto-escaping>` for more information.
+Session cookies now have the ``httponly`` flag by default
+Session cookies now include the ``httponly`` attribute by default to
+help reduce the impact of potential XSS attacks. For strict backwards
+compatibility, use ``SESSION_COOKIE_HTTPONLY = False`` in settings.

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