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Skipped JavascriptI18nTests if Firefox isn't properly configured.

Code borrowed from django.contrib.admin.tests. Without this, the class can
throw an exception with something like "The browser appears to have exited
before we could connect. The output was: Error: no display specified"
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1 parent dadf2ee commit e2ac0203d9fceccf0e76b547a58c35793c620b71 @timgraham timgraham committed
Showing with 7 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +7 −7 tests/view_tests/tests/
14 tests/view_tests/tests/
@@ -11,13 +11,9 @@
LiveServerTestCase, TestCase, modify_settings, override_settings)
from django.utils import six
from django.utils._os import upath
+from django.utils.module_loading import import_string
from django.utils.translation import override, LANGUAGE_SESSION_KEY
- from selenium.webdriver.firefox import webdriver as firefox
-except ImportError:
- firefox = None
from ..urls import locale_dir
@@ -211,16 +207,20 @@ def testI18NWithLocalePaths(self):
@unittest.skipIf(skip_selenium, 'Selenium tests not requested')
-@unittest.skipUnless(firefox, 'Selenium not installed')
class JavascriptI18nTests(LiveServerTestCase):
# The test cases use translations from these apps.
available_apps = ['django.contrib.admin', 'view_tests']
urls = 'view_tests.urls'
+ webdriver_class = 'selenium.webdriver.firefox.webdriver.WebDriver'
def setUpClass(cls):
- cls.selenium = firefox.WebDriver()
+ try:
+ cls.selenium = import_string(cls.webdriver_class)()
+ except Exception as e:
+ raise unittest.SkipTest('Selenium webdriver "%s" not installed or '
+ 'not operational: %s' % (cls.webdriver_class, str(e)))
super(JavascriptI18nTests, cls).setUpClass()

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