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@@ -773,11 +773,11 @@ object, Django raises an exception.
``MySQLdb``-specific exceptions
-The MySQL backend could raise :class:`MySQLdb.OperationalError`
-when a query triggered an exception. This bug was fixed and
-:class:`django.db.utils.DatabaseError` is now raised instead.
-If you were testing for :class:`MySQLdb.OperationalError`,
-you must update your ``except`` clauses.
+The MySQL backend historically has raised :class:`MySQLdb.OperationalError`
+when a query triggered an exception. We've fixed this bug, and we now raise
+:class:`django.db.utils.DatabaseError` instead. If you were testing for
+:class:`MySQLdb.OperationalError`, you'll need to update your ``except``
Database connection's thread-locality

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