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Updated documentation on localflavor translations

to account for the removal of django.contrib.localflavor in 1.6.

Refs #19482.
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@@ -142,13 +142,10 @@ default formats. Here's an example of how to use them::
class MyForm(forms.Form):
my_date_field = generic.forms.DateField()
-Internationalization of localflavor
-Localflavor has its own catalog of translations, in the directory
-``django/contrib/localflavor/locale``, and it's not loaded automatically like
-Django's general catalog in ``django/conf/locale``. If you want localflavor's
-texts to be translated, like form fields error messages, you must include
-:mod:`django.contrib.localflavor` in the :setting:`INSTALLED_APPS` setting, so
-the internationalization system can find the catalog, as explained in
+Internationalization of localflavors
+To activate translations for a ``localflavor`` application, you must include
+the application's name (e.g. ``django_localflavor_jp``) in the
+:setting:`INSTALLED_APPS` setting, so the internationalization system can find
+the catalog, as explained in :ref:`how-django-discovers-translations`.

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