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Fixed #6716 -- Fixed typo in docs/faq.txt. Thanks, AdamG

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commit e3e2fb3ff097f9a1fb3c279f34509bd87ca29d82 1 parent 1f0de03
Adrian Holovaty authored March 09, 2008

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  1. 2  docs/faq.txt
2  docs/faq.txt
@@ -166,7 +166,7 @@ logical to us.
166 166
 We're well aware that there are other awesome Web frameworks out there, and
167 167
 we're not averse to borrowing ideas where appropriate. However, Django was
168 168
 developed precisely because we were unhappy with the status quo, so please be
-aware that "because <Framework X>" does it is not going to be sufficient reason
+aware that "because <Framework X> does it" is not going to be sufficient reason
170 170
 to add a given feature to Django.
171 171
172 172
 Why did you write all of Django from scratch, instead of using other Python libraries?

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