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Fixed #17909 - ensure GeoDjango tests have the templates they need. T…

…hanks Nate Bragg for the report.

git-svn-id: bcc190cf-cafb-0310-a4f2-bffc1f526a37
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1 parent ddd53da commit e57bedee78de9a0893005a08299e5a4396ebfbaa @carljm carljm committed
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@@ -117,6 +117,7 @@ def setup(verbosity, test_labels):
if geodjango(settings):
from django.contrib.gis.tests import geo_apps
+ settings.INSTALLED_APPS.extend(['django.contrib.gis', 'django.contrib.sitemaps'])
for module_dir, module_name in test_modules:
module_label = '.'.join([module_dir, module_name])

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