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Fixed #9067: Added a note that you can register a model with the admi…

…n without providing a ModelAdmin object. Thanks to Rob Hudson for the suggestion.

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@@ -50,6 +50,20 @@ Let's take a look at a very simple example the ``ModelAdmin``::
pass, AuthorAdmin)
+.. admonition:: Do you need a ``ModelAdmin`` object at all?
+ In the preceding example, the ``ModelAdmin`` class doesn't define any
+ custom values (yet). As a result, the default admin interface will be
+ provided. If you are happy with the default admin interface, you don't
+ need to define a ``ModelAdmin`` object at all -- you can register the
+ model class without providing a ``ModelAdmin`` description. The
+ preceding example could be simplified to::
+ from django.contrib import admin
+ from myproject.myapp.models import Author
``ModelAdmin`` Options

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