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Revert the removal of an unused import (in [14175]) that was referenc…

…ed in documentation. Thanks for noticing, clong.

git-svn-id: bcc190cf-cafb-0310-a4f2-bffc1f526a37
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commit e716a71bad4e02410e2a0908d630abbee1d4c691 1 parent 3761f3b
@SmileyChris SmileyChris authored
Showing with 3 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +3 −0  django/contrib/admin/
3  django/contrib/admin/
@@ -1,3 +1,6 @@
+# ACTION_CHECKBOX_NAME is unused, but should stay since its import from here
+# has been referenced in documentation.
+from django.contrib.admin.helpers import ACTION_CHECKBOX_NAME
from django.contrib.admin.options import ModelAdmin, HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL
from django.contrib.admin.options import StackedInline, TabularInline
from django.contrib.admin.sites import AdminSite, site
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