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Fixed #7983 -- Added fields to the ModelAdmin section in the admin do…

…cumentation. Thanks julien for the report and patch.

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@@ -147,6 +147,26 @@ The ``field_options`` dictionary can have the following keys:
``django.utils.html.escape()`` to escape any HTML special
+Use this option as an alternative to ``fieldsets`` if the layout does not
+matter and if you want to only show a subset of the available fields in the
+form. For example, you could define a simpler version of the admin form for
+the ``django.contrib.flatpages.FlatPage`` model as follows::
+ class FlatPageAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
+ fields = ('url', 'title', 'content')
+In the above example, only the fields 'url', 'title' and 'content' will be
+displayed, sequencially, in the form.
+.. admonition:: Note
+ This ``fields`` option should not be confused with the ``fields``
+ dictionary key that is within the ``fieldsets`` option, as described in
+ the previous section.

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