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Removed old gis install instructions for obsolete distros

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@@ -1034,61 +1034,11 @@ Optional packages to consider:
do not plan on doing any database transformation of geometries to the
Google projection (900913).
-.. _heron:
-8.04 and lower
-The 8.04 (and lower) versions of Ubuntu use GEOS v2.2.3 in their binary packages,
-which is incompatible with GeoDjango. Thus, do *not* use the binary packages
-for GEOS or PostGIS and build some prerequisites from source, per the instructions
-in this document; however, it is okay to use the PostgreSQL binary packages.
-For more details, please see the Debian instructions for :ref:`etch` below.
.. _debian:
-.. _etch:
-4.0 (Etch)
-The situation here is the same as that of Ubuntu :ref:`heron` -- in other words,
-some packages must be built from source to work properly with GeoDjango.
-Binary packages
-The following command will install acceptable binary packages, as well as
-the development tools necessary to build the rest of the requirements:
-.. code-block:: bash
- $ sudo apt-get install binutils bzip2 gcc g++ flex make postgresql-8.1 \
- postgresql-server-dev-8.1 python-ctypes python-psycopg2 python-setuptools
-Required package information:
-* ``binutils``: for ctypes to find libraries
-* ``bzip2``: for decompressing the source packages
-* ``gcc``, ``g++``, ``make``: GNU developer tools used to compile the libraries
-* ``flex``: required to build PostGIS
-* ``postgresql-8.1``
-* ``postgresql-server-dev-8.1``: for ``pg_config``
-* ``python-psycopg2``
-Optional packages:
-* ``libgeoip``: for :ref:`GeoIP <ref-geoip>` support
-Source packages
-You will still have to install :ref:`geosbuild`, :ref:`proj4`,
-:ref:`postgis`, and :ref:`gdalbuild` from source. Please follow the
-directions carefully.
.. _lenny:
5.0 (Lenny)

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