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Fixed #20274 - Added some clarifying section headings in the test docs.

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1 parent 86d3079 commit e88680899490b9ed8b58c88ee78dc189506204c5 @timgraham timgraham committed
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  1. +8 −2 docs/topics/testing/advanced.txt
10 docs/topics/testing/advanced.txt
@@ -340,6 +340,9 @@ Methods
Testing utilities
.. module:: django.test.utils
:synopsis: Helpers to write custom test runners.
@@ -358,10 +361,13 @@ utility methods in the ``django.test.utils`` module.
magic hooks into the template system and restoring normal email
.. currentmodule:: django.db.connection.creation
-The creation module of the database backend (``connection.creation``)
-also provides some utilities that can be useful during testing.
+The creation module of the database backend also provides some utilities that
+can be useful during testing.
.. function:: create_test_db([verbosity=1, autoclobber=False])

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