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Django 1.4.2 release notes
+*October 17, 2012*
This is the second security release in the Django 1.4 series.
+Host header poisoning
+Some parts of Django -- independent of end-user-written applications -- make
+use of full URLs, including domain name, which are generated from the HTTP Host
+header. Some attacks against this are beyond Django's ability to control, and
+require the web server to be properly configured; Django's documentation has
+for some time contained notes advising users on such configuration.
+Django's own built-in parsing of the Host header is, however, still vulnerable,
+as was reported to us recently. The Host header parsing in Django 1.3.3 and
+Django 1.4.1 -- specifically, django.http.HttpRequest.get_host() -- was
+incorrectly handling username/password information in the header. Thus, for
+example, the following Host header would be accepted by Django when running on
+ Host:
+Using this, an attacker can cause parts of Django -- particularly the
+password-reset mechanism -- to generate and display arbitrary URLs to users.
+To remedy this, the parsing in HttpRequest.get_host() is being modified; Host
+headers which contain potentially dangerous content (such as username/password
+pairs) now raise the exception django.core.exceptions.SuspiciousOperation
+Details of this issue were initially posted online as a `security advisory`_.
+.. _security advisory:
Backwards incompatible changes
* The newly introduced :class:`~django.db.models.GenericIPAddressField`
constructor arguments have been adapted to match those of all other model
fields. The first two keyword arguments are now verbose_name and name.
+Other bugfixes and changes
+* Subclass HTMLParser only for appropriate Python versions (#18239).
+* Added batch_size argument to qs.bulk_create() (#17788).
+* Fixed a small regression in the admin filters where wrongly formatted dates passed as url parameters caused an unhandled ValidationError (#18530).
+* Fixed an endless loop bug when accessing permissions in templates (#18979)
+* Fixed some Python 2.5 compatibility issues
+* Fixed an issue with quoted filenames in Content-Disposition header (#19006)
+* Made the context option in ``trans`` and ``blocktrans`` tags accept literals wrapped in single quotes (#18881).
+* Numerous documentation improvements and fixes.
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- .. 1.4.2 (uncomment on release)
+ 1.4.2

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