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If you get a segmentation fault
-If Apache causes a segmentation fault, it's probably because you're running
-mod_python and mod_php in the same Apache instance, with MySQL as your database
-backend. This is a known mod_python issue, not a Django issue, and there's more
-information in the `mod_python FAQ entry`.
+If Apache causes a segmentation fault, there are two probable causes, neither
+of which has to do with Django itself.
+ 1. It may be because your Python code is importing the "pyexpat" module,
+ which may conflict with the version embedded in Apache. For full
+ information, see `Expat Causing Apache Crash`_.
+ 2. It may be because you're running mod_python and mod_php in the same
+ Apache instance, with MySQL as your database backend. In some cases,
+ this causes a known mod_python issue due to version conflicts in PHP and
+ the Python MySQL backend. There's full information in the
+ `mod_python FAQ entry`_.
+If you continue to have problems setting up mod_python, a good thing to do is
+get a barebones mod_python site working, without the Django framework. This is
+an easy way to isolate mod_python-specific problems. `Getting mod_python Working`_
+details this procedure.
+The next step should be to edit your test code and add an import of any
+Django-specific you're using -- your views, your models, your URLconf, your RSS
+configuration, etc. Put these imports in your test handler function and access
+your test URL in a browser. If this causes a crash, you've confirmed it's the
+importing of Django code that causes the problem. Gradually reduce the set of
+imports until it stops crashing, so as to find the specific module that causes
+the problem. Drop down further into modules and look into their imports, as
+.. _Expat Causing Apache Crash:
.. _mod_python FAQ entry:
+.. _Getting mod_python Working:

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