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…Ramiro Morales

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@@ -332,7 +332,7 @@ sqlall [appname appname ...]
Prints the CREATE TABLE and initial-data SQL statements for the given appnames.
-Refer to the description of ``sqlinitialdata`` for an explanation of how to
+Refer to the description of ``sqlcustom`` for an explanation of how to
specify initial data.
sqlclear [appname appname ...]
@@ -1915,7 +1915,7 @@ Each SQL file, if given, is expected to contain valid SQL. The SQL files are
piped directly into the database after all of the models' table-creation
statements have been executed.
-The SQL files are read by the ``sqlinitialdata``, ``sqlreset``, ``sqlall`` and
+The SQL files are read by the ``sqlcustom``, ``sqlreset``, ``sqlall`` and
``reset`` commands in ````. Refer to the ` documentation`_
for more information.
@@ -1924,7 +1924,7 @@ order in which they're executed. The only thing you can assume is that, by the
time your custom data files are executed, all the database tables already will
have been created.
-.. _` documentation`:
+.. _` documentation`:
Database-backend-specific SQL data
@@ -382,7 +382,7 @@ If you're interested, also run the following commands:
statements for this app.
* ``python sqlall polls`` -- A combination of all the SQL from
- the 'sql', 'sqlinitialdata', and 'sqlindexes' commands.
+ the 'sql', 'sqlcustom', and 'sqlindexes' commands.
Looking at the output of those commands can help you understand what's actually
happening under the hood.

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