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Better cross-referencing of the USE_THOUSAND_SEPARATOR setting in doc…

…umentation. Thanks to Klaas van Schelven for the patch.

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@@ -1220,7 +1220,7 @@ will be applied to the number. If this setting is greater than ``0`` then the
setting :setting:`THOUSAND_SEPARATOR` will be used as the separator between those
-See also :setting:`THOUSAND_SEPARATOR`.
+See also :setting:`THOUSAND_SEPARATOR` and :setting:`USE_THOUSAND_SEPARATOR`.
@@ -1593,9 +1593,10 @@ THOUSAND_SEPARATOR
Default ``,`` (Comma)
Default thousand separator used when formatting numbers. This setting is
-used only when ``NUMBER_GROUPING`` is set.
+used only when ``NUMBER_GROUPING`` and ``USE_THOUSAND_SEPARATOR`` are set.
+See also :setting:`NUMBER_GROUPING`, :setting:`DECIMAL_SEPARATOR` and
.. setting:: TIME_FORMAT

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