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Improved docs/db-api.txt to say add_FOO() methods always return the n…

…ewly-created object.

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@@ -449,8 +449,7 @@ Related objects (e.g. ``Choices``) are created using convenience functions::
>>> p.get_choice_count()
-Each of those ``add_choice`` methods is equivalent to (except obviously much
-simpler than)::
+Each of those ``add_choice`` methods is equivalent to (but much simpler than)::
>>> c = polls.Choice(, choice="Over easy", votes=0)
@@ -459,6 +458,8 @@ Note that when using the `add_foo()`` methods, you do not give any value
for the ``id`` field, nor do you give a value for the field that stores
the relation (``poll_id`` in this case).
+The ``add_FOO()`` method always returns the newly created object.
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