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…jango (especially eggs) before installing a new version.

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.. _SQLite:
.. _pysqlite:
+Remove any old versions of Django
+If you are upgrading your installation of Django from a previous version,
+you will need to uninstall the old Django version before installing the
+new version.
+If you installed Django using `` install``, uninstalling
+is as simple as deleting the ``django`` directory from your Python
+If you installed Django from a Python Egg, remove the Django ``.egg` file,
+and remove the reference to the egg in the file named ``easy-install.pth``.
+This file should also be located in your ``site-packages`` directory.
+.. admonition:: Where are my ``site-packages`` stored?
+ The location of the ``site-packages`` directory depends on the operating
+ system, and the location in which Python was installed. However, the
+ following locations are common:
+ * If you're using Linux: ``/usr/lib/python2.X/site-packages``
+ * If you're using Windows: ``C:\Python2.X\lib\site-packages``
+ * If you're using MacOSX: ``/Library/Python2.X/site-packages``
Install the Django code

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