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Fixed #13101 -- Added multi-db info about debugging queries. Thanks t…

…o David Fischer for the patch.

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@@ -25,9 +25,17 @@ of dictionaries in order of query execution. Each dictionary has the following::
``connection.queries`` includes all SQL statements -- INSERTs, UPDATES,
SELECTs, etc. Each time your app hits the database, the query will be recorded.
Note that the raw SQL logged in ``connection.queries`` may not include
-parameter quoting. Parameter quoting is performed by the database-specific
+parameter quoting. Parameter quoting is performed by the database-specific
backend, and not all backends provide a way to retrieve the SQL after quoting.
+.. versionadded:: 1.2
+If you are using :ref:`multiple databases<topics-db-multi-db>`, you can use the
+same interface on each member of the ``connections`` dictionary::
+ >>> from django.db import connections
+ >>> connections['my_db_alias'].queries
Can I use Django with a pre-existing database?

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