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Fixed #13405 -- Removed the recommendation for the use of cmemcache. …

…Thanks to danielr for the report.

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@@ -67,22 +67,15 @@ fast interface for adding, retrieving and deleting arbitrary data in the cache.
All data is stored directly in memory, so there's no overhead of database or
filesystem usage.
-After installing Memcached itself, you'll need to install the Memcached Python
-bindings, which are not bundled with Django directly. Two versions of this are
-available. Choose and install *one* of the following modules:
- * The fastest available option is a module called ``cmemcache``, available
- at .
- * If you can't install ``cmemcache``, you can install ``python-memcached``,
- available at . If that URL is
- no longer valid, just go to the Memcached Web site
- ( and get the Python bindings from the
- "Client APIs" section.
-.. versionadded:: 1.0
- The ``cmemcache`` option is new in 1.0. Previously, only
- ``python-memcached`` was supported.
+After installing Memcached itself, you'll need to install
+``python-memcached``, which provides Python bindings to Memcached.
+This is available at
+.. versionchanged:: 1.2
+ In Django 1.0 and 1.1, you could also use ``cmemcache`` as a binding.
+ However, support for this library was deprecated in 1.2 due to
+ a lack of maintenence on the ``cmemcache`` library itself. Support for
+ ``cmemcache`` will be removed completely in Django 1.4.
To use Memcached with Django, set ``CACHE_BACKEND`` to
``memcached://ip:port/``, where ``ip`` is the IP address of the Memcached

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