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[1.4.X] Fixed #17963 -- Fixed internal links in the 1.4 release notes.

Backport of r17802 from trunk.

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4 docs/releases/1.4.txt
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ out the :ref:`timezone migration guide <time-zones-migration-guide>` and the
Other notable new features in Django 1.4 include:
* A number of ORM improvements, including `SELECT FOR UPDATE support`_,
- the ability to `bulk insert <Model.objects.bulk_create in the ORM>`_
+ the ability to `bulk insert <#model-objects-bulk-create-in-the-orm>`_
large datasets for improved performance, and
`QuerySet.prefetch_related`_, a method to batch-load related objects
in areas where :meth:`~django.db.models.QuerySet.select_related` does't
@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ Other notable new features in Django 1.4 include:
* `Support for in-browser testing frameworks`_ (like Selenium_).
-* ... and a whole lot more; `see below <what's new in django 1.4>`_!
+* ... and a whole lot more; `see below <#what-s-new-in-django-1-4>`_!
Wherever possible we try to introduce new features in a backwards-compatible
manner per :doc:`our API stability policy </misc/api-stability>` policy.

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