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Fixed #18270 -- Corrected variable name in password reset example.

Thanks schnippi for the report.
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1 parent 11a5355 commit ec5423df05dedeee6651c36dd4d90fec0d8cca7c @claudep claudep committed
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2 docs/topics/auth.txt
@@ -1242,7 +1242,7 @@ includes a few other useful built-in views located in
.. code-block:: html+django
Someone asked for password reset for email {{ email }}. Follow the link below:
- {{ protocol}}://{{ site_name }}{% url 'auth_password_reset_confirm' uidb36=uid token=token %}
+ {{ protocol}}://{{ domain }}{% url 'auth_password_reset_confirm' uidb36=uid token=token %}
The same template context is used for subject template. Subject must be
single line plain text string.

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