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Fixed #14514 -- fixed a typo in the static files docs, thanks to Andy…

… McKay for the patch.

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@@ -222,7 +222,7 @@ see :ref:`staticfiles-development-view`.
Serving static files in production
-The basic outline of putting static files into production a simple: un the
+The basic outline of putting static files into production is simple: run the
:djadmin:`collectstatic` command when static media changes, then arrange for the
collected media directory (:setting:`STATICFILES_ROOT`) to be moved to the media
server and served.
@@ -396,4 +396,4 @@ Learn more
This document has covered the basics and some common usage patterns. For
complete details on all the settings, commands, template tags, and other pieces
include in ``django.contrib.staticfiles``, see :doc:`the statcfiles reference

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