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Fixed #17841 -- Clarified caching note about authentication backends.…

… Thanks auzigog for the proposal and lukegb for the patch.

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@@ -1783,8 +1783,9 @@ processing at the first positive match.
Once a user has authenticated, Django stores which backend was used to
authenticate the user in the user's session, and re-uses the same backend
- for subsequent authentication attempts for that user. This effectively means
- that authentication sources are cached, so if you change
+ for the duration of that session whenever access to the currently
+ authenticated user is needed. This effectively means that authentication
+ sources are cached on a per-session basis, so if you change
:setting:`AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS`, you'll need to clear out session data if
you need to force users to re-authenticate using different methods. A simple
way to do that is simply to execute ``Session.objects.all().delete()``.

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