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Fixed #22032 -- added documentation for settings.MIGRATION_MODULES

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@@ -1539,6 +1539,24 @@ Default::
A tuple of middleware classes to use. See :doc:`/topics/http/middleware`.
+ {} # empty dictionary
+A dictionary specifying the package where migration modules can be found on a per-app basis. The default value
+of this setting is an empty dictionary, but the default package name for migration modules is ``migrations``.
+ {'blog': 'blog.db_migrations'}
+In this case, migrations pertaining to the ``blog`` app will be contained in the ``blog.db_migrations`` package.
.. setting:: MONTH_DAY_FORMAT
@@ -51,6 +51,10 @@ of, its codebase. You should be making them once on your development machine
and then running the same migrations on your colleagues' machines, your
staging machines, and eventually your production machines.
+.. note::
+ It is possible to override the name of the package which contains the
+ migrations on a per-app basis by modifying the :setting:`MIGRATION_MODULES` setting.
Migrations will run the same way every time and produce consistent results,
meaning that what you see in development and staging is exactly what will
happen in production - no unexpected surprises.

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