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Fixed minor typo in 1.3 release notes.

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1 parent 5262a28 commit ee1b3e2a3a50e29254a91cf9f4de2996701ccee0 @DrMeers DrMeers committed
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  1. +1 −1  docs/releases/1.3.txt
2  docs/releases/1.3.txt
@@ -587,7 +587,7 @@ gettext domain):
ones listed later.
* The ``locale`` subdirectory of the directory containing the settings, that
- usually coincides with and is know as the *project directory* is being
+ usually coincides with and is known as the *project directory* is being
deprecated in this release as a source of translations. (the precedence of
these translations is intermediate between applications and :setting:`LOCALE_PATHS`
translations). See the `corresponding deprecated features section`_

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