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@@ -19,20 +19,20 @@ application, you might have the following views:
* Blog homepage -- displays the latest few entries.
* Entry "detail" page -- permalink page for a single entry.
* Year-based archive page -- displays all months with entries in the
- given year.
+ given year.
* Month-based archive page -- displays all days with entries in the
- given month.
+ given month.
* Day-based archive page -- displays all entries in the given day.
* Comment action -- handles posting comments to a given entry.
In our poll application, we'll have the following four views:
* Poll "archive" page -- displays the latest few polls.
* Poll "detail" page -- displays a poll question, with no results but
- with a form to vote.
+ with a form to vote.
* Poll "results" page -- displays results for a particular poll.
* Vote action -- handles voting for a particular choice in a particular
- poll.
+ poll.
In Django, each view is represented by a simple Python function.

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