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[1.5.x] Fixed #20612 -- Fixed incorrect wording in CBV documentation

Thanks to ndokos for the report.

Backport of b53ed5a from master.
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1 parent 843802e commit ee8996d8a6f8fc462a6e912bcf0cf80530704ab4 @bmispelon bmispelon committed Jun 21, 2013
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@@ -196,15 +196,12 @@ provided by the generic view. For example, think of showing a list of
all the books on each publisher detail page. The
:class:`~django.views.generic.detail.DetailView` generic view provides
the publisher to the context, but how do we get additional information
-in that template.
-However, there is; you can subclass
-:class:`~django.views.generic.detail.DetailView` and provide your own
-implementation of the ``get_context_data`` method. The default
-implementation of this that comes with
-:class:`~django.views.generic.detail.DetailView` simply adds in the
-object being displayed to the template, but you can override it to send
+in that template?
+The answer is to subclass :class:`~django.views.generic.detail.DetailView`
+and provide your own implementation of the ``get_context_data`` method.
+The default implementation simply adds the object being displayed to the
+template, but you can override it to send more::
from django.views.generic import DetailView
from books.models import Publisher, Book

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