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Fixed #17006 - Documented ModelAdmin get_form() and get_formsets()

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commit eed4faf16f37a8b0af06a52eada05b84dead4c0d 1 parent 681550c
@timgraham timgraham authored
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  1. +37 −4 docs/ref/contrib/admin/index.txt
41 docs/ref/contrib/admin/index.txt
@@ -307,7 +307,9 @@ subclass::
By default a ``ModelForm`` is dynamically created for your model. It is
used to create the form presented on both the add/change pages. You can
easily provide your own ``ModelForm`` to override any default form behavior
- on the add/change pages.
+ on the add/change pages. Alternatively, you can customize the default
+ form rather than specifying an entirely new one by using the
+ :meth:`ModelAdmin.get_form` method.
For an example see the section `Adding custom validation to the admin`_.
@@ -373,7 +375,8 @@ subclass::
.. attribute:: ModelAdmin.inlines
- See :class:`InlineModelAdmin` objects below.
+ See :class:`InlineModelAdmin` objects below as well as
+ :meth:`ModelAdmin.get_formsets`.
.. attribute:: ModelAdmin.list_display
@@ -1109,6 +1112,38 @@ templates used by the :class:`ModelAdmin` views:
(r'^my_view/$', self.admin_site.admin_view(self.my_view, cacheable=True))
+.. method:: ModelAdmin.get_form(self, request, obj=None, **kwargs)
+ Returns a :class:`~django.forms.ModelForm` class for use in the admin add
+ and change views, see :meth:`add_view` and :meth:`change_view`.
+ If you wanted to hide a field from non-superusers, for example, you could
+ override ``get_form`` as follows::
+ class MyModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
+ def get_form(self, request, obj=None, **kwargs):
+ self.exclude = []
+ if not request.user.is_superuser:
+ self.exclude.append('field_to_hide')
+ return super(MyModelAdmin, self).get_form(request, obj, **kwargs)
+.. method:: ModelAdmin.get_formsets(self, request, obj=None)
+ Yields :class:`InlineModelAdmin`\s for use in admin add and change views.
+ For example if you wanted to display a particular inline only in the change
+ view, you could override ``get_formsets`` as follows::
+ class MyModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
+ inlines = [MyInline, SomeOtherInline]
+ def get_formsets(self, request, obj=None):
+ for inline in self.get_inline_instances():
+ # hide MyInline in the add view
+ if isinstance(inline, MyInline) and obj is None:
+ continue
+ yield inline.get_formset(request, obj)
.. method:: ModelAdmin.formfield_for_foreignkey(self, db_field, request, **kwargs)
The ``formfield_for_foreignkey`` method on a ``ModelAdmin`` allows you to
@@ -1423,8 +1458,6 @@ The ``InlineModelAdmin`` class adds:
through to ``inlineformset_factory`` when creating the formset for this
- .. _ref-contrib-admin-inline-extra:
.. attribute:: InlineModelAdmin.extra
This controls the number of extra forms the formset will display in
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