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Subversion and Trac so that any commit message in that format will
automatically post a comment to the appropriate ticket.
+Unit tests
+Django comes with a test suite of its own, in the ``tests`` directory of the
+Django tarball. It's our policy to make sure all tests pass at all times.
+The tests cover:
+ * Models and the database API (``tests/testapp/models``).
+ * The cache system (``tests/otherthests/``).
+ * The ``django.utils.dateformat`` module (``tests/othertests/``).
+ * Database typecasts (``tests/othertests/``).
+ * The template system (``tests/othertests/`` and
+ ``tests/othertests/``).
+ * ``QueryDict`` objects (``tests/othertests/``).
+ * Markup template tags (``tests/othertests/``).
+ * The ``django.utils.timesince`` module (``tests/othertests/``).
+We appreciate any and all contributions to the test suite!
+Running the unit tests
+To run the tests, ``cd`` to the ``tests/`` directory and type::
+ ./
+Yes, the unit tests need a settings module, but only for database connection
+The unit tests will not touch your database; they create a new database, called
+``django_test_db``, which is deleted when the tests are finished.
Requesting features
@@ -390,4 +422,4 @@ requests for commit access are potential flame-war starters, and will be ignored
.. _PEP 8:
.. _i18n documentation:
.. _i18n branch:
-.. _`tags/releases`:
+.. _`tags/releases`:

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