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Added a dedication to Malcolm to release notes.

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Django 1.6 release notes - UNDER DEVELOPMENT
+.. note::
+ Dedicated to Malcolm Tredinnick
+ On March 17, 2013, the Django project and the free software community lost
+ a very dear friend and developer.
+ Malcolm was a long-time contributor to Django, a model community member, a
+ brilliant mind, and a friend. His contributions to Django — and to many other
+ open source projects — are nearly impossible to enumerate. Many on the core
+ Django team had their first patches reviewed by him; his mentorship enriched
+ us. His consideration, patience, and dedication will always be an inspiration
+ to us.
+ This release of Django is for Malcolm.
+ -- The Django Developers
Welcome to Django 1.6!
These release notes cover the `new features`_, as well as some `backwards

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