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Changed (again) technique to get version IDs shown in docs from sourc…

…e code.

Hopefully it will fix the problem with the documentation building server
that caused a wrong Django version to be reported in the HTML zipball
docs edition.

Follow-up to commits 373df56 and 0b98ef6.
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1 parent 612357f commit f3a0ecc9ee0eae09d2c779a74b32cce7e38c1773 @ramiro ramiro committed
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4 docs/
@@ -16,8 +16,8 @@
import sys
from os.path import abspath, dirname, join
-# Make sure we use this copy of Django
-sys.path.insert(1, abspath(dirname(dirname(__file__))))
+# Make sure we iget the version of this copy of Django
+sys.path.insert(1, dirname(dirname(abspath(__file__))))
# If extensions (or modules to document with autodoc) are in another directory,
# add these directories to sys.path here. If the directory is relative to the

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