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@@ -462,12 +462,12 @@ Field Types
Argument Description
======================= ============================================================
``rel_name`` Use this if you have more than one
- ``ManyToOneField`` s in the same model that relate
+ ``ForeignKey`` in the same model that relate
to the same model. Django will use ``rel_name`` in
the generated API.
``related_name`` See the description of ``related_name`` in
- ``ManyToOneField``, above.
+ ``ForeignKey``, above.
``filter_interface`` Use a nifty unobtrusive Javascript "filter" interface
instead of the usability-challenged ``<select multiple>``
@@ -476,7 +476,7 @@ Field Types
should the interface be stacked horizontally or
- ``limit_choices_to`` See the description under ``ManyToOneField`` above.
+ ``limit_choices_to`` See the description under ``ForeignKey`` above.
``name`` An alphanumeric name for the relationship. If this
isn't provided, Django uses the ``module_name`` of

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