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[1.3.x] Update 1.3.6 release notes for all security fixes.

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@@ -4,8 +4,12 @@ Django 1.3.6 release notes
*February 19, 2013*
+Django 1.3.6 fixes four security issues present in previous Django releases in
+the 1.3 series.
This is the sixth bugfix/security release in the Django 1.3 series.
Host header poisoning
@@ -24,8 +28,52 @@ request with a Host header not matching an entry in this list will raise
``SuspiciousOperation`` if ``request.get_host()`` is called. For full details
see the documentation for the :setting:`ALLOWED_HOSTS` setting.
-The default value for this setting in Django 1.3.6 is `['*']` (matching any
+The default value for this setting in Django 1.3.6 is ``['*']`` (matching any
host), for backwards-compatibility, but we strongly encourage all sites to set
a more restrictive value.
This host validation is disabled when ``DEBUG`` is ``True`` or when running tests.
+XML deserialization
+The XML parser in the Python standard library is vulnerable to a number of
+denial-of-service attacks via external entities and entity expansion. Django
+uses this parser for deserializing XML-formatted database fixtures. The fixture
+deserializer is not intended for use with untrusted data, but in order to err
+on the side of safety in Django 1.3.6 the XML deserializer refuses to parse an
+XML document with a DTD (DOCTYPE definition), which closes off these attack
+These issues in the Python standard library are CVE-2013-1664 and
+CVE-2013-1665. More information available `from the Python security team`_.
+Django's XML serializer does not create documents with a DTD, so this should
+not cause any issues with the typical round-trip from ``dumpdata`` to
+``loaddata``, but if you feed your own XML documents to the ``loaddata``
+management command, you will need to ensure they do not contain a DTD.
+.. _from the Python security team:
+Formset memory exhaustion
+Previous versions of Django did not validate or limit the form-count data
+provided by the client in a formset's management form, making it possible to
+exhaust a server's available memory by forcing it to create very large numbers
+of forms.
+In Django 1.3.6, all formsets have a strictly-enforced maximum number of forms
+(1000 by default, though it can be set higher via the ``max_num`` formset
+factory argument).
+Admin history view information leakage
+In previous versions of Django, an admin user without change permission on a
+model could still view the unicode representation of instances via their admin
+history log. Django 1.3.6 now limits the admin history log view for an object
+to users with change permission for that model.

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