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Fixed #8975 -- Added a note to the documentation for reverse() that a…

…ll views

must be importable for URL reversing to work correctly.

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@@ -620,6 +620,20 @@ vertical bar (``"|"``) character. You can quite happily use such patterns for
matching against incoming URLs and sending them off to views, but you cannot
reverse such patterns.
+.. admonition:: Make sure your views are all correct
+ As part of working out which URL names map to which patterns, the
+ ``reverse()`` function has to import all of your URLConf files and examine
+ the name of each view. This involves importing each view function. If
+ there are *any* errors whilst importing any of your view functions, it
+ will cause ``reverse()`` to raise an error, even if that view function is
+ not the one you are trying to reverse.
+ Make sure that any views you reference in your URLConf files exist and can
+ be imported correctly. Do not include lines that reference views you
+ haven't written yet, because those views will not be importable.

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