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Updated docs/cache.txt section on 'dummy caching' to use the same exa…

…mple format as the other backends

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@@ -176,9 +176,11 @@ just implements the cache interface without doing anything.
This is useful if you have a production site that uses heavy-duty caching in
various places but a development/test environment on which you don't want to
-cache. In that case, set ``CACHE_BACKEND`` to ``"dummy:///"`` in the settings
-file for your development environment. As a result, your development
-environment won't use caching and your production environment still will.
+cache. As a result, your development environment won't use caching and your
+production environment still will. To activate dummy caching, set
+``CACHE_BACKEND`` like so::
+ CACHE_BACKEND = 'dummy:///'

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