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Link to active fork for ODBC backend

It took me quite some time to find if and where the ODBC backend was maintained.
I found (on (last commit about 3 years ago)
then: avidal fork.
then: aurorasoftware version which has avidal improvements merged.

Avidals version now links to which is also the version installed through PIP.
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1 parent 17559e6 commit fb1d8134846b468a6b972d3af1a23d7ee381b149 @tax tax committed May 24, 2013
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@@ -803,5 +803,5 @@ the support channels provided by each 3rd party project.
.. _IBM DB2:
.. _Microsoft SQL Server 2005:
.. _Firebird:
-.. _ODBC:
+.. _ODBC:
.. _ADSDB:

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