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It's time for the "newforms" documentation to arrive:

 * Removed the "more coming soon" section from bottom of "newforms" docs.
 * Removed note on "oldforms" docs that "we have begun to document" newforms.

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@@ -2470,14 +2470,3 @@ with the management form::
The above ends up calling the ``as_table`` method on the formset class.
-More coming soon
-That's all the documentation for now. For more, see the file
--- the unit tests for ``django.forms``. This can give you a good idea of
-what's possible. (Each submodule there contains separate tests.)
-If you're really itching to learn and use this library, please be patient.
-We're working hard on finishing both the code and documentation.
@@ -8,10 +8,9 @@ Forwards-compatibility note
The legacy forms/manipulators system described in this document is going to be
replaced in the next Django release. If you're starting from scratch, we
strongly encourage you not to waste your time learning this. Instead, learn and
-use the django.forms system, which we have begun to document in the
-`forms documentation`_.
+use the new `forms library`_.
-.. _forms documentation: ../forms/
+.. _forms library: ../forms/

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