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Mentioned that ``dumpdata --natural`` is deprecated.

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blueyed authored and timgraham committed Mar 17, 2014
1 parent 61296fb commit fc167c9b5ee958019b3f95916c93b97ecb0e1053
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@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ class Command(BaseCommand):
help='An app_label or app_label.ModelName to exclude '
'(use multiple --exclude to exclude multiple apps/models).'),
make_option('-n', '--natural', action='store_true', dest='use_natural_keys', default=False,
- help='Use natural keys if they are available.'),
+ help='Use natural keys if they are available (deprecated: use --natural-foreign instead).'),
make_option('--natural-foreign', action='store_true', dest='use_natural_foreign_keys', default=False,
help='Use natural foreign keys if they are available.'),
make_option('--natural-primary', action='store_true', dest='use_natural_primary_keys', default=False,

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