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@@ -94,13 +94,45 @@ Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
.. _`Jacob Kaplan-Moss`:
.. _`Wilson Miner`:
-Using Django
+Django appears to be a MVC framework, but you call the Controller the "view", and the View the "template". How come you don't use the standard names?
+That's because Django isn't strictly a MVC framework. We don't really belive in
+any capital-M Methodoligies; we do what "feels" right. If you squint the right
+way, you can call Django's ORM the "Model", the view functions the "View", and
+the API automatically generated from the models the "Controller" -- but not
+So although we've been strongly influenced by MVC -- especially in the
+separation of data from logic department -- we've also strayed from the path
+where it makes sense.
+Do you have any of those nifty "screencast" things?
+They're in the works -- it's amazing how much time those things take! Stay tuned...
+Installation questions
How do I get started?
-We're working on this documentation as you read this.
+ #. `Download the code`_.
+ #. Install Django (read the `installation guide`_).
+ #. Walk through the tutorial_.
+ #. Check out the rest of the documentation_, and ask questions if you
+ run into trouble.
+.. _`Download the code`:
+.. _`installation guide`:
+.. _tutorial:
+.. _documentation:
+How do I fix the "install a later version of setuptools" error?
+Just run the ```` script in the Django distribution.
What are Django's prerequisites?
@@ -109,17 +141,63 @@ Django requires Python_ 2.3 or later, Apache2_, and mod_python_. You'll
also need a database engine; PostgreSQL_ is recommended, and MySQL_ is
-We're currently working on expanding those options: WSGI_ support is in the
-works (which will allow Django to run under CGI, FCGI, etc.), as is support for
-a number of other database backends.
.. _Python:
.. _Apache2:
.. _mod_python:
.. _PostgreSQL:
.. _MySQL:
+How do I install mod_python on Windows?
+ * If you are running Python 2.4, check out this `guide to mod_python & Python 2.3`_.
+ * For Python 2.3, grab mod_python from, the read
+ `Running mod_python on Apache on Windows2000`_.
+ * Also try this (not windows-specific) `guide to getting mod_python working`_.
+.. _`guide to mod_python & Python 2.3`:
+.. _`Running mod_python on Apache on Windows2000`:
+.. _`guide to getting mod_python working`:
+(Thanks to deelan for this info.)
+Do I have to use mod_python?
+In the first release, yes. However, WSGI_ support (which will let Django run
+under FCGI, SCGI, medusa, etc.) is in the works; stay tuned!
.. _WSGI:
+Will Django run under shared hosting (like TextDrive or Dreamhost)?
+Right now, no, unless you can get your host to install mod_python. However, as
+the previous question says, WSGI support is comming!.
+Why do I get an error about importing DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE?
+Make sure that:
+ * The environment variable DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE is set to a fully-qualifed
+ Python module (i.e. "mysite.settings.main").
+ * Said module is on ``sys.path`` (``import mysite.settings.main`` should work).
+ * The module doesn't contain syntax errors (of course).
+ * If you're using mod_python but *not* using Django's request handler,
+ you'll need to work around a mod_python bug related to the use of
+ ``SetEnv``; before you import anything from Django you'll need to do
+ the following::
+ os.environ.update(req.subprocess_env)
+ (where ``req`` is the mod_python request object).
The admin interface
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ Installing the development version
3. Symlink ``django_src/django`` so that ``django`` is within your Python
``site-packages`` directory:
- ``ln -s django_src/django /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/django``
+ ``ln -s `pwd`/django_src/django /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/django``
(In the above line, change ``python2.3`` to match your current Python version.)

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